Home improvement and renovation tips


Types of windows

Last time we looked at the various parts of a window. Now we’ll look at some of the more common windows types and styles you might have on your house, or be thinking of getting. Divided light This is a style that can appear in many types of windows described below. It consists of a

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Budget kitchen makeovers

Installing cabinets, a center island with a bar sink, or replacing all your appliances will give your kitchen a whole new look. But if you’d prefer to start small, here are some ideas to help you spruce up your kitchen without spending a lot. Add crown molding to the top of your cabinet carcasses. This

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Glaze – how to make it

Maybe you’ve considered spicing up your walls with some decorative painting techniques, such as rag painting, sponging or texturing. Using a glaze gives you beautiful, long lasting results. Different glazes lend themselves to different jobs; you’ll choose based on the look you want to achieve and the difficulty of the technique. The trickier your technique,

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More reno demo tips – plumbing protection

Eric Z, a long-time reader, experienced renovator/builder, and former owner of a large building supply store in Toronto, had some smart suggestions after reading our reno-demo checklist. “I lost an entire renovation,” he writes. “$40,000 in damage – due to a shut-off valve failing in the night the day before the new sink was to be installed.” As you can see from this photo, during the entirety of our long

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Five-point checklist for a trouble-free renovation demolition

A recent kitchen renovation reminded me, in some cases a little too late, about some key areas to cover up during a demolition or drywall mudding/sanding. Here you go. Mask doorways into other areas of the house Well, duh. Okay, I did remember this one. For a major old-house plaster demo or drywall sanding, 6 mil plastic and painter’s tape do the trick to seal the openings well. We stapled

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How to install a toilet – Tips

Now that we’ve installed a toilet, we’ll review a few tips to help you do the job with finesse. 1. It’s a good idea to pick up an extra valve just in case your soldering attempt isn’t up to snuff… particularly with a ball valve. Or do the job while the store’s open. 2. Use a MAPP gas torch when soldering such a valve. 3. When tightening the supply hose

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