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Give your basement floor a "tiled" look

If you like the idea of a tile floor, nothing beats the real thing for warmth, beauty and texture. But here’s a low-budget alternative which gives the impression of a tile floor in a lot less time.

If your basement concrete floor is sound, reasonably smooth and warm, you can simply paint on the tiles.

Choose a durable flooring paint, such as an acrylic, in two colors: an off-white or gray mortar color, and the color and gloss of choice for your “tiles”.

Start by cleaning the floor with a stiff scrub brush and TSP or other cleaning solution. Then rinse well and let it dry.

Follow the paint’s instructions and prime if necessary. Then apply the base mortar color, cutting in at the walls with a paintbrush and using a roller for the rest.

When this is dry, use a chalkline to draw a tile pattern. Follow proper tile technique by laying out from the center so you have an even border on the walls. Lay 1/4″ masking tape directly on the chalk lines.

The next part is a two-person job, as you need to remove the masking tape before the paint dries. Working in tandem, paint the floor the tile color, while your partner removes the tape, pulling gently to avoid spatters.

Let it dry well before walking on the floor.

Now, a hard concrete floor can generate echoes and be a little tough on the feet, if that’s all you have. Accent the room with scatter rugs to complete the effect and make the room more enjoyable.