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How to install a toilet – Part 1

So, let’s talk toilets. Just realized that after all this time, we’ve never discussed how to install a toilet. We’ve talked about repairs and tips and tricks to make your toilet work, but not about how to put one of ’em in.

We’ll figure you’ve got the rough plumbing in, and if you followed the tips on sweating a ball valve, you’re ready to actually put it in.

First you’ll need to buy your toilet. Most come in three parts – the bowl, the tank, and the seat – though some come with the tank and bowl as an integral piece. We’ll imagine you’ve picked up the usual separate bowl and tank – and haven’t forgotten the seat!

You’ll find most of the necessary hardware with the toilet parts, but you’ll likely need to purchase a wax closet gasket (a wax ring which sits around the waste outlet on the toilet), closet bolts (to hold the toilet to the closet flange on the floor), and a flexible water supply line (an easy way to provide the water to the toilet). Check the contents of the boxes before you begin to make sure you don’t need anything else.

Start by attaching the supply hose. In most cases, you’ll attach the end with the brass nut to the threaded valve outlet. Tighten with a wrench till it’s snug. You won’t be able to test it for leaks till the toilet’s in place, but at least you’ve taken care of it while you have more room to work in.

Next time, we’ll start installing.