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Garden tool care

Summer chores are just about over, but before you put away all your gardening tools for the winter, take a little time to take care of things now, so you’ll be ready to go come spring.

Clean all your garden tools now, rubbing off rust with a steel wool pad dipped in turpentine. Then file everything sharp, from shovel heads to clippers to hoes. Sand out rough spots on wooden handles to avoid surprise slivers come spring, and replace any that are broken. Rub in a coat or two of linseed oil to stop the wood from drying out, and buff it carefully so it’s not tacky. Make sure nuts and bolts are tight, and Spray some lubricant in joints and pivot points, and put a light coat of oil on the metal parts before hanging them in a dry place.

Wash your power mower, and clean out accumulated clippings from underneath. Sharpen (or have a pro sharpen) the blades. Drain the gas tank from your lawn mower, and change the oil before parking it in a dry location.

Disassemble hoses and spray nozzles, drain them, and store them inside.

Store clay pots and ornaments inside. If they soak up water and freeze, they’ll crack by spring.