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The parts of a window

You probably know a few window terms; you can probably safely identify a sash. But if you’re going to do any serious window talking, here’s a glossary to help you pontificate with confidence.


Let’s definie it anyway. A sash is any framed piece of glass in a window. It might move, but it can also be fixed.


Frame can refer to the rough framing – the structural members surrounding the opening of the window – the framing around the window – consisting of the jambs – or or the outer part of the sash, for example, which holds the glass.


The horizontal section of the window frame, at the top and bottom


The vertical section of the window frame, at the right and left side.


These are the strips of wood (or other material) within the window frame, which hold sections of glass in place.


A single unit of glass set in a frame – one of the divisions of a window or a door.


Basically a pane of glass, but usually used when there are a number of panes – as in a divided light window.


A vertical section that divides up a window, usually more substantial than muntins. The vertical tracery bars of a Gothic window are mullions.


In a stained- or textured-glass window, the strips or rods of lead, which often have grooves to hold the panes or pieces of glass in place.


The bottom member of the window framing, both in rough and finish framing.


The trim on the inside or outside wall which surrounds the window.