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Mystery tools – The answers

    Let’s see how you did identifying last week’s mystery tools.

    This is a double-headed nail. It’s designed for times when you want to nail something securely in place, but want to be able to easily remove the nail afterward. Pound it in till the first head secures the piece. When it’s time to pull it, grab on to the second head with your claw.

    An easy one for those who’ve done a bit of electrical work. Electrician’s pliers have a number of features to help make quick work of wiring. The notches in the jaws let you quickly strip the insulaton off wires of varying gauges. The holes in the jaws make it easy to bend a wire before attaching it to a terminal. The ends of the jaws work as ordinary pliers to bend wires any way you want. And the sections below the pivot are for crimping.

    Bike tinkerers might recognize this one. This crank removal tool allows you to remove the arms which hold the pedals from many bikes (since they’re pressure-fitted and fixed with a bolt.) The smaller piece screws into the center of the crank until snug. Then you thread on the second part, tightening with a wrench or a socket wrench handle until the crank pops off.