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Nifty painting tips

Impress your friends with these cool painting tips!

Well, you’ll save some time and aggravation, anyway.

When you dip in a paint brush and wipe it against the edge of the can, you get paint in the rim around the opening. Put the lid back on, and not only does the paint spatter when you bang it shut; it starts forming a nice little seal you may have trouble opening in a year or so. To avoid it, wrap a good thick elastic band around the can, resting it against the handles. Then wipe your brush against that instead.

If you’re soaking your brush in solvent, don’t rest it on the bottom of the can where it will curl up. Instead, attach it tightly to a mixing stick (or something similar) with an elastic band, so that the stick extends beyond the end of the brush. Then the brush sits off the bottom. And don’t throw away your solvent after one use. Pour it into a jar and let it sit for a couple of days. Then pour off the clear solvent from the top into another jar and seal it for future use.

Remember, if you’re just taking a break in your painting, and will be back at it within 24 hours, you don’t need to soak the brush in solvent and have the hassle of cleaning it off. Simply wrap a plastic bag, sealed tightly, around the bristles.

Keep track of the paint brands and colors you use for future reference. Keep a file on your computer listing the brands and types by room — for walls, ceilings and trim. That way, the information’s always handy if you’re repainting or touching up.

Stay tuned for more painting tips another time.