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Work lights and other light options for workshops and home improvement projects

Good lighting goes a long way to a good finished job. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see what you’re working on, whether it’s on the workbench or down in the dark cellar.

Here are some bright ideas to help light your way.

Shop lighting

Naturally, your shop should be set up with good light. And naturally is one of the best ways to go. Windows which allow in daylight can take a real strain off your eyes. Of course, it’s not always daytime, so good overhead lighting, in a variety of locations so as not to cause shadows, is a good start. Then add task lighting, such as a light directly above the bench or an adjustable desk lamp.

Portable work lights

Depending on the kinds of jobs you do, work lights can be a welcome tool. These might be lights on stands for overhead lighting, floor lights, hanging lights or small portable area lights you can set anywhere. They might be powered by a cord or by rechargeable batteries for even more flexibility.


An ordinary flashlight can be great for such things as directing light on small work area in a dark room or outside at night, finding a screw dropped in a tiny crack, or identifying flaws in drywall mudding.


A strap-on headlamp is a great DIY tool. It frees your hands yet shines the light directly where you want. It’s great for working in dark basements or when you’ve shut off the power to work on that junction box. It’s also handy for shining a direct light on small parts that you couldn’t isolate with a larger light.