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20 ways to find space in your kitchen

Kitchen too small? Here are some ideas to start off your brainstorming.

1. Install lazy Susans. They’re still practical.

2. Try new-fangled storage options, like pullout pantries or rollout drawers.

3. Make recesses for paper towel holders and plastic/foil/wax paper dispensers.

4. Get a cordless phone. It’s handy for you, but other users can stay out of your way.

5. Bump out a bay window.

6. Hide your fridge. Keep the door flush to the wall by dropping it into a closet or an enclosed space in another room if you can. Remember that fridges need enough clearance for ventilation.

7. Install a roll-out cabinet topped with a counter. It gives you extra counter space when needed, but hides away under the counter when it’s not.

8. Eliminate overhanging countertops on islands except where seating is planned.

9. Use a sturdy, portable footstool to make higher cabinets and shelves accessible.

10. Close off an existing door.

11. Explore downsized refrigerators and dishwashers.

12. Get a two-tier cutlery rack.

13. Build a spice-rack in a drawer.

14. Store wineglasses under cabinets with a stemware holder.

15. Consider hanging pots and pans from racks as part of your decor.

16. Store flour, sugar etc. in glass jars on your counter.

17. Store rarely-used kitchen equipment and appliances elsewhere.

18. Decide whether you really like to eat in the kitchen. If you don’t, get rid of the table.

19. Create a sense of space by opening your kitchen to your family room. Put in a pass-through or remove a wall or part of a wall.

20. Install cabinets between the dining room and kitchen, or family room and kitchen, with access from both sides. You can store more when you can get at it from either side.