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How to replace your kitchen countertop (Part 3 of 3)

Let’s finish off the installation.

With the backsplash tight against the wall, check for gaps. Open a compass at the widest gap between the counter and the wall, and run it along the backsplash. Don’t try and cut this line; use a belt sander to remove the excess from the narrow lip.

Where you have to join two mitered 45 degree angles, the counter has miter bolts which holds the joint together. Fit the two pieces tightly together, and slightly tighten the miter bolts supplied under the countertop. Protect the top with a piece of wood, and tap lightly with a hammer to make sure the surface is smooth. When it’s perfect, tighten the bolts as tightly as possible.

Then screw into the countertop from the cabinet framing or brackets. Make sure your screws aren’t too long!

Now it’s time to cut your sink.

Trace the outline of the sink, and draw another line 1/2″-1″ inside this line. Cut using a jigsaw. You can protect the countertop by putting masking tape on the bottom of the saw’s baseplate.

Install the sink, and using silicone caulking, caulk where the backsplash meets the wall and along joints. Use a thin bead, and wipe off the excess immediately.

Then, apply end caps to exposed edges using an iron set on high. It’s a good idea to put a damp cloth between the iron and the material. Rub a small block of wood over the cap to make sure it’s on tight. When it’s cool, remove any excess glue with a medium wood file, filing from front to back.

Now, start fixing dinner.