my Old Workshop

Meet Vic

Hi there. Glad you could drop in, and I hope I can help you out with your home repair, home renovation and various building products.

So, who the heck am I and what credentials do I have to offer advice? Well, I’m like a lot of you – someone who wanted to “do it myself” and have plunged in. It wasn’t always pretty. I’ve made enough of those “D’oh” errors to fill another website. But I’ve also done a few things I’m pretty proud of and picked up some good ideas along the way. Recent projects include a new addition to our home in Meaford, Ontario, trimmed out with home-made traditional arts-and-crafts style trim. (Sure it took years – and it’s still not 100 percent finished – but I know you can relate.)

The original stock of articles for this site, including many that are on deck, were originally written as how-to articles for use by home centers, building supply dealers and hardware stores to market their businesses. They’ve appeared in local newspapers and on websites for these clients across the United States and Canada. But as I phased out of that business, I realized I had a huge stock of solid DIY woodworking and home renovation advice and information on various projects (enough to fill a book in fact) that deserved a wider audience. So here they are, with more to come.

Some of this stuff may be getting just a tad musty, so please let me know when you see something that’s out-of-date or otherwise off, so I can at least flag it.

I’ll also be sharing new articles and videos on these pages as well, along with recommendations on various tools, building materials and products. And I’ll be working with suppliers to get deals for the My Old Workshop crew – so join in.

Stay tuned for a My Old Workshop forum where you can share ideas with other handy folks.

And I hope we can have some fun, too. Get into the good, the bad and the ugly of DIY. With that in mind, I do actually plan on sharing some of those “D’oh” moments. (In fact, I think we can add a section called “How I F’d it up”, with submissions from those brave enough to share.)