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An introduction to wrenches II

    Last time, we looked at a few wrenches every toolbox should have. Here are some more.

Socket wrench. Like a box wrench, the tight fit provides great torque, and the ratchet handle allows you to tighten without moving the handle all the way around or removing the wrench from the fastener.

Allen wrench or hex key. The tool to use for hex-head screws and bolts.

Torque wrench. When you need to tighten something to a precise tightness (not too tight, not too loose, according to specs for the item you’re working on) this is an invaluable tool. It’s usually something like a socket wrench with special mechanisms inside. In the simplest system, the lever will bend slightly under torque, and a guage on a separate arm determines how much torque is applied based on the bend. A clutch mechanism, like those found on some drills/screwguns, is another handy method. In this case, the clutch slips once the correct torque is achieved, and you don’t overtighten.

Pipe wrench. Large jaws and a long handle make this adjustable wrench great for large pipe fittings.